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Finally! Sunday brings the sun back into our life. Good energy sources to feel good and alive: Dancing to your favorite music Walking through nature in the sunshine Skiing, hiking or biking in the mountain area Taking a deep breath at the seashore Laughing out loud just for fun Go on a little excursion with […]

What if we could change the weather? What if we could blast the clouds and make the sun come out again? There are these rumors circling that the russians had little weather arrows they shot up into the cloudy sky always right before an important state visit. So that the important people who came to […]

The best thing I bought myself for this years winter season was nothing to put in my wardrobe. It even just cost me less than 3€ and definitely keeps me warmer than any sweater or cotton socks. A simple audio cord! Now the sound from sunny Southern California brightens my days loud and warm out […]