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Yes it is. I just had to cut out the cold parts first. And spend some days skiing up in the mountains, some afternoons taking pictures, some evenings going swimming and some nights out with friends. This is to all my friends that are travelling around right now: Rub your soul in every cloud of […]

Finally! Sunday brings the sun back into our life. Good energy sources to feel good and alive: Dancing to your favorite music Walking through nature in the sunshine Skiing, hiking or biking in the mountain area Taking a deep breath at the seashore Laughing out loud just for fun Go on a little excursion with […]

What is so special about Saturdays? You can make plans. Or make no plans at all. You can decide whether to spend your day inside or outside. It’s all up to you. Go to town and buy something needed or some inspiring books. Go to the market, have breakfast outside on the Naschmarket, meet up […]

The best thing to do from time to time is just to change your point of view. Lock the door to your apartment. Turn on the engine. Drive to the end of the road and leave your town. Break on through to the other side of life: Nature. I was lucky to spend the last […]