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18°– A or B


Are you A or B? Lark or owl? Day or night person? Over the years I discovered that there are really two types of persons. The ones that fall a sleep all the sudden at 10:30 pm. And the others that just find to their natural power between 10 pm and 2 am. Theses ones […]

A response is a response is far more than a response. Look at this. I got my first response to my blog. Thanks to Frau Wuff! You made me smile.

Did you ever parallize yourself? Does this expression even exist? Does a parallel existenz even exist? How many lifes can we live in one? What kind of life would you live today if you would have done one certain step diffrently? Or even more unlimited: In what place and time would you live? Would you […]

366° (in words: threehundredsixtysix degrees) is the idea of filling every day for the next year with more creativity. And having a simple space where to put the creations of the day and share it with you. And maybe inspire you to do something you didn’t do for a long time. It is just the […]