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Why does a billboard have such power? (Girl screaming: Skiiiiiiiing! in Austrian dialect) You look outside and couple hours later … she just got what she wanted. Where was I when the little Wunschfee flew by …? Maybe I should stay closer to the window more often. Advertisements

If you just cannot find the reset button of your mind fastforward with some doodling. If you didn’t draw for years start doodling. If you don’t here or see a bird for weeks start doodling one. If you still read this … please grap a pen …

So, what’s the good thing about winter in the city? SOUP! By now I souped almost everything I found in the vegetable corner of the supermarket: carrots, potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, leek, garlic … And my hand blender is like a magic wand with all this. It is so easy to just create your own favorite […]

The best thing I bought myself for this years winter season was nothing to put in my wardrobe. It even just cost me less than 3€ and definitely keeps me warmer than any sweater or cotton socks. A simple audio cord! Now the sound from sunny Southern California brightens my days loud and warm out […]

366° (in words: threehundredsixtysix degrees) is the idea of filling every day for the next year with more creativity. And having a simple space where to put the creations of the day and share it with you. And maybe inspire you to do something you didn’t do for a long time. It is just the […]