Sunday brings the sun back into our life.

Good energy sources to feel good and alive:

Dancing to your favorite music
Walking through nature in the sunshine
Skiing, hiking or biking in the mountain area
Taking a deep breath at the seashore
Laughing out loud just for fun
Go on a little excursion with your friends and family
Spend some time playing with a child

Come back home at night tired and exhausted
With a confident smile on your face

So, I better get out of here … and catch some shafts of sunlight!


What if we could change the weather?
What if we could blast the clouds and make the sun come out again?

There are these rumors circling that the russians had little weather arrows they shot up into the cloudy sky always right before an important state visit. So that the important people who came to Russia had a comfortable stay. Even including the weather.

I wish we could have cloud shooters. So after lets say about three to five days the clouds would get demolished.
I miss the sun. It gives me more energy and brings me into a better mood.
But on the other hand the weather is this one last territory that is not directly created by the human beings.
That our way of life and all what we produce has an influence on the climate and the weather has been proofed already.
But yet the permanent climate is different from todays weather. It is just a small tiny part of it. But yet it is the part that counts for the real now. For the moment. For your current mood.

So we better leave it like it is and enjoy the great part of every season.
And also enjoy the longing for the next season.

Can’t wait for the first days of spring!
The first days are always the best!

Today is not just Valentines Day but also Chinese New Years. So we start into the year of the tiger. So between today and February 2nd 2011 the tiger will influence our energy.

And I am so happy about the tiger after the ox making us really work hard and sticking to our plans very patiently the tiger brings courage, power, passion and fearless behaviour into our lives again.
We won’t fear any competitions or challenges this year. We will even be happy to have the chances to go for it.
We will grow with every thing we do and if we don’t capture a victory every time it will not take us to long to get back on our feet again. This may sound rough but the tiger is also a charming and very royal animal. So this year will not feel like a big battle all the time but it will give as a lot of chances along the way. And it gives us the courage to take them.

You are happy to be a tiger yourself when you are born in these periods:
02/05/1962 to 01/24/1963
01/23/1974 to 02/10/1975
02/09/1986 to 01/28/1987
01/28/1998 to 02/15/1999

So, I am looking forward to a lot of good energy in creativity and everyday life.
Enjoy the year and set your ideas and energy free. The tiger is an animal of the earth.

Your dreams and thoughts will fall on fertile grounds. And the year starts on Valentines Day …
Watch out for love, great activities, movement and great unexpected chances!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! With GOOD LUCK on every single day!

What is so special about Saturdays?

You can make plans. Or make no plans at all.
You can decide whether to spend your day inside or outside.
It’s all up to you.

Go to town and buy something needed or some inspiring books.
Go to the market, have breakfast outside on the Naschmarket, meet up with friends.
Take a walk through the snowy nature. Take some pictures of the peaceful whiteness.
Or stay inside and finally read the newspaper or this one book that was waiting all
week. Afterwards watch a million movies or maybe the olympics.

Or sleep in long.
Why the hell am I up already?
Oh right, I turned on KCRW to start the day sunny.

Have a great Saturday!

Show me your capital and I tell you who you are.

Last night there were two shows rocking the night away.

The Berlin International Film Fest: The Berlinale and The Vienna Opera Ball //

And I ask myself why am I in the wrong city?

So you have

Movie vs. Waltz
Present vs. Past
Spirit of time vs. Tradition
Change vs. Stagnation
New perspectives vs. Dusty Boredom
Great Actors vs. Weird Category D Creatures

Berlin, I will come soon to visit!

18°– A or B


Are you A or B?
Lark or owl?
Day or night person?

Over the years I discovered that there are really two types of persons.
The ones that fall a sleep all the sudden at 10:30 pm.
And the others that just find to their natural power between 10 pm and 2 am.
Theses ones rather don’t like to start their day before 10:30 am.
While the others quick start their day right after dawn.
Or as from my perspective: Still in the middle of the night.

It’s not hard to tell which side I carry inside.
It’s always the night when I come to my inner me.
When I get into the flow of being. And of letting out what hides inside.

Some people from Denmark started the b-society and really want freedom in everyday life for people who don’t like to jump out of bed when the clock says the day has to start. They want a system more flexible relying more on your inner balance.
We wanted to start it here as well in Austria but we were just to flexible to get anything done.

But I still think there should be more acceptance for late risers in everyday life.
It is not that we sleep longer. We just prefer to sleep, eat, work etc. at a different time.

And one of these days I just will break free from regular working hours at all!

>>It’s winter after all. And it is a real winter this year.
So, what do you see?

Coldness. Darkness. Freezing nature. Isolation.
Everything is covered. Nobody is outside.

And on the other side … there are the great things about winter:

The big sweaters, the warm socks, the tons of tea and hot chocolate to warm up.
This year: The black turtleneck, the brown handmade socks from my mamaw and chai tea.

All the great movies that finally find their way on screen.
This week nothing serious: Sigur Ros Heima, Ice Age 3, Radio Rock Revolution and Twilight (for the job)

The hours of just chilling and listening to music.
KCRW is still on.

The cooking, drawing, painting, writing, reading and being creative.
Mostly: Soup, doing some origami, writing letters again. And fooling around.

The time to get a board game down from the shelf.
Zombies and some weird card games.

The time for riding the sled down the hill and starting a snowball fight afterwards.
Actually did the sliding this year: Last weekend and with my colleagues before xmas.

The time to go skiing and afterwards to the hot tub.
Still didn’t go. But it is already planned.

Or even crawl under the blanket all weekend long.
Invite somebody you like to join you. And be sure the fridge is filled up.
There is always time for that.

It’s inside time. More private.
A bright time. With sticking to the things – and the ones – you really like.

A response is a response is far more than a response.

Look at this. I got my first response to my blog.
Thanks to Frau Wuff! You made me smile.

Every day is a new day. Every day will just be once.
Make it unique and challenge yourself once a day.

//Go outside//Talk to a stranger//Wish somebody you don’t know a great day.

//Write a letter on paper//Put a stamp on it//Make it to the postoffice on time.

//Create food just out of natural ingredients//Bake your own bread//Squeeze a fresh juice.

//Raise your voice//Read out something loud//Sing on the way to the store.

//Feel your muscles//Take a run through a nearby park//Dance in your apartment to your favorite music.

//Spend time caring about somebody//Give a hug, kiss or smile to another person//Call an elderly person.

//Feel your breath deep inside your chest//Hear yourself laughing out loud//
Enjoy it.

The best thing to do from time to time is just to change your point of view.

Lock the door to your apartment.
Turn on the engine.
Drive to the end of the road and leave your town.

Break on through to the other side of life: Nature.

I was lucky to spend the last days in the middle of nowhere up on a mountain
deep inside the woods with tons of snow and only nice people around me.