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Die große Erkenntnis der Woche: Sich äußern hilft! Zumindest vor inneren Verstopfungen. In diesem Sinne: Ich blogge wieder. Zumindest heute! Advertisements

Top 5 sayings for everyday life in summer. 5. Sommer ist, wenn Baustelle ist! 4. Die beste Adresse ist die neben einem Eisladen. 3. Je später der Abend, desto Drama! 2. Eigentlich gibt es nur zwei Urlaubsländer: In- und Ausland. 1. Die große Erkenntnis ist, dass immer irgendwo Sommer ist. Auch im November.

Text is dead. Reading is dead. That is what they tell me 10 times a day. Words are not catching the attention. Nobody is reading anymore. Pictures or visuals are easier to catch. But in return: What do they want? They come to my desk and ask me for scripts all day long. So, why […]

The observer he sits, he watches invisible The observer a car, a traffic light lost The observer he waits, he runs suddenly The observer a kiss, a telephoto unromantic The observer a report, a job done As a child I wanted to become a detective. But I just never got used to a magnifier and […]

How many books do you have in your shelf that are not a part of yourself anymore? Books that you read a long time ago, books that are talking about topics you are not into anymore. Maybe even books you never liked. I don’t like to throw books into the trash but I like to […]