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I’m half broke but I’m happy! I left you but I’ll be back! Advertisements

Show me your capital and I tell you who you are. Last night there were two shows rocking the night away. The Berlin International Film Fest: The Berlinale and The Vienna Opera Ball // And I ask myself why am I in the wrong city? So you have Movie vs. Waltz Present vs. […]

The best thing to do from time to time is just to change your point of view. Lock the door to your apartment. Turn on the engine. Drive to the end of the road and leave your town. Break on through to the other side of life: Nature. I was lucky to spend the last […]

Why do the children always have to tidy up their room for the night? Sometimes it is creativity to leave it like it is. Eight years ago walking by the past seeing a fairy tale sleeping In the middle of the woods in the middle of a capital calm and unexpected Hearing the children still […]