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Die große Erkenntnis der Woche: Sich äußern hilft! Zumindest vor inneren Verstopfungen. In diesem Sinne: Ich blogge wieder. Zumindest heute! Advertisements

I’m half broke but I’m happy! I left you but I’ll be back!

>>It’s winter after all. And it is a real winter this year. So, what do you see? Coldness. Darkness. Freezing nature. Isolation. Everything is covered. Nobody is outside. And on the other side … there are the great things about winter: The big sweaters, the warm socks, the tons of tea and hot chocolate to […]

A response is a response is far more than a response. Look at this. I got my first response to my blog. Thanks to Frau Wuff! You made me smile.

Every day is a new day. Every day will just be once. Make it unique and challenge yourself once a day. //Go outside//Talk to a stranger//Wish somebody you don’t know a great day. //Write a letter on paper//Put a stamp on it//Make it to the postoffice on time. //Create food just out of natural ingredients//Bake […]

How many books do you have in your shelf that are not a part of yourself anymore? Books that you read a long time ago, books that are talking about topics you are not into anymore. Maybe even books you never liked. I don’t like to throw books into the trash but I like to […]

One part of creativity is to create new connections between things that don’t usually fit together. So I got first place in the category: sportive housekeeping queen So how to get started: Get out your running shoes and your maneuverable vacuum cleaner. (My new runners were just to white and clean to take them outside […]

After a happy night out drinking … … start your engine again with a happy soup.

When did I fold any origamis the last time? Well, I cannot think of any at all besides some paperplanes in school to disturb the lesson. But this year I had this big illusion to fold a whole zoo of origami animals. Okay, frogs are not exactly zoo animals. But these once are great artists. […]

If you just cannot find the reset button of your mind fastforward with some doodling. If you didn’t draw for years start doodling. If you don’t here or see a bird for weeks start doodling one. If you still read this … please grap a pen …