22°– Waiting for 22°C!


What if we could change the weather?
What if we could blast the clouds and make the sun come out again?

There are these rumors circling that the russians had little weather arrows they shot up into the cloudy sky always right before an important state visit. So that the important people who came to Russia had a comfortable stay. Even including the weather.

I wish we could have cloud shooters. So after lets say about three to five days the clouds would get demolished.
I miss the sun. It gives me more energy and brings me into a better mood.
But on the other hand the weather is this one last territory that is not directly created by the human beings.
That our way of life and all what we produce has an influence on the climate and the weather has been proofed already.
But yet the permanent climate is different from todays weather. It is just a small tiny part of it. But yet it is the part that counts for the real now. For the moment. For your current mood.

So we better leave it like it is and enjoy the great part of every season.
And also enjoy the longing for the next season.

Can’t wait for the first days of spring!
The first days are always the best!


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