20°– Saturday


What is so special about Saturdays?

You can make plans. Or make no plans at all.
You can decide whether to spend your day inside or outside.
It’s all up to you.

Go to town and buy something needed or some inspiring books.
Go to the market, have breakfast outside on the Naschmarket, meet up with friends.
Take a walk through the snowy nature. Take some pictures of the peaceful whiteness.
Or stay inside and finally read the newspaper or this one book that was waiting all
week. Afterwards watch a million movies or maybe the olympics.

Or sleep in long.
Why the hell am I up already?
Oh right, I turned on KCRW to start the day sunny.

Have a great Saturday!


One Response to “20°– Saturday”

  1. 1 Stefka

    Guten Morgen! Mein Samstagsprogramm besteht aus Kaffe & Müsli, Film gucken und im Netz surfen. Chillen eben. Oh, jetzt kommt gerade die Sonne raus! Viele Grüße aus Leipzig & have a nice weekend!

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