17°– Two sides of the picture


>>It’s winter after all. And it is a real winter this year.
So, what do you see?

Coldness. Darkness. Freezing nature. Isolation.
Everything is covered. Nobody is outside.

And on the other side … there are the great things about winter:

The big sweaters, the warm socks, the tons of tea and hot chocolate to warm up.
This year: The black turtleneck, the brown handmade socks from my mamaw and chai tea.

All the great movies that finally find their way on screen.
This week nothing serious: Sigur Ros Heima, Ice Age 3, Radio Rock Revolution and Twilight (for the job)

The hours of just chilling and listening to music.
KCRW is still on.

The cooking, drawing, painting, writing, reading and being creative.
Mostly: Soup, doing some origami, writing letters again. And fooling around.

The time to get a board game down from the shelf.
Zombies and some weird card games.

The time for riding the sled down the hill and starting a snowball fight afterwards.
Actually did the sliding this year: Last weekend and with my colleagues before xmas.

The time to go skiing and afterwards to the hot tub.
Still didn’t go. But it is already planned.

Or even crawl under the blanket all weekend long.
Invite somebody you like to join you. And be sure the fridge is filled up.
There is always time for that.

It’s inside time. More private.
A bright time. With sticking to the things – and the ones – you really like.


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