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Text is dead. Reading is dead. That is what they tell me 10 times a day. Words are not catching the attention. Nobody is reading anymore. Pictures or visuals are easier to catch. But in return: What do they want? They come to my desk and ask me for scripts all day long. So, why […]

Finally! Sunday brings the sun back into our life. Good energy sources to feel good and alive: Dancing to your favorite music Walking through nature in the sunshine Skiing, hiking or biking in the mountain area Taking a deep breath at the seashore Laughing out loud just for fun Go on a little excursion with […]

What if we could change the weather? What if we could blast the clouds and make the sun come out again? There are these rumors circling that the russians had little weather arrows they shot up into the cloudy sky always right before an important state visit. So that the important people who came to […]

Today is not just Valentines Day but also Chinese New Years. So we start into the year of the tiger. So between today and February 2nd 2011 the tiger will influence our energy. And I am so happy about the tiger after the ox making us really work hard and sticking to our plans very […]

What is so special about Saturdays? You can make plans. Or make no plans at all. You can decide whether to spend your day inside or outside. It’s all up to you. Go to town and buy something needed or some inspiring books. Go to the market, have breakfast outside on the Naschmarket, meet up […]

Show me your capital and I tell you who you are. Last night there were two shows rocking the night away. The Berlin International Film Fest: The Berlinale and The Vienna Opera Ball // And I ask myself why am I in the wrong city? So you have Movie vs. Waltz Present vs. […]

18°– A or B


Are you A or B? Lark or owl? Day or night person? Over the years I discovered that there are really two types of persons. The ones that fall a sleep all the sudden at 10:30 pm. And the others that just find to their natural power between 10 pm and 2 am. Theses ones […]

>>It’s winter after all. And it is a real winter this year. So, what do you see? Coldness. Darkness. Freezing nature. Isolation. Everything is covered. Nobody is outside. And on the other side … there are the great things about winter: The big sweaters, the warm socks, the tons of tea and hot chocolate to […]

A response is a response is far more than a response. Look at this. I got my first response to my blog. Thanks to Frau Wuff! You made me smile.