10°– Spread the word


How many books do you have in your shelf that are not a part of yourself anymore?
Books that you read a long time ago, books that are talking about topics you are not into anymore. Maybe even books you never liked.

I don’t like to throw books into the trash but I like to set them free again.
Give them back into the circle.

In summer I take them on a last walk together, put a colorful ribbion around them and set them free.
In the train, on a park bench, under a tree …
Sometimes I wait to see who picks one of my books up.
But I know for sure that each of my books will find a new home and a new person to give word to him or her.

If you want to keep track of your books you set free you can register them at


put the registration number and the webaddress inside the book and you can follow the travel of your book online.

A fine thing to just let the words free again!


One Response to “10°– Spread the word”

  1. 1 Stefka

    Good idea. There are still some wild books prisoned in my shelf waiting to be released.

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