9°– The perfect match


One part of creativity is to create new connections between things that don’t usually fit together.

So I got first place in the category: sportive housekeeping queen

So how to get started:

Get out your running shoes and your maneuverable vacuum cleaner.
(My new runners were just to white and clean to take them outside to the park.)
And then feel the rhythm, the heartbeat, the excitement when you curve around the furniture from the kitchen through the living room straight into the bedroom and back!

Do you feel the power of doing your chores in a running rhythm?
How do you like it to see your appartment transforming into a running arena.

Maybe I should go olympic with this. The athletic vacuuming will be right on track with the curling team.
Anybody joining in to get a team started?


One Response to “9°– The perfect match”

  1. 1 Stefka

    This is exactly what I did yesterday. Except for the brandnew shoes, of course 🙂

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