7°– Parallizing yourself


Did you ever parallize yourself?
Does this expression even exist? Does a parallel existenz even exist?

How many lifes can we live in one?

What kind of life would you live today if you would have done
one certain step diffrently?
Or even more unlimited:

In what place and time would you live?
Would you handle your adventures of life rather as a woman or man?
What would you do / like to do?
Who would be with you?

If you just travel in your head you won’t go far.
Grap a piece of paper and a pen and just let the words flow out
to your parallizing self.

I lived on a ranch in the Rocky Mountains today.
Spending my days with the wild horses. And my nights in front of a campfire.

Maybe this is a good start to plan a journey and really spend some weeks on a ranch and doing a horse camp trip.
Must be a great feeling of pieceful freedom to ride on a horseback up the mountains and discover great views.
Instead of sitting in an office and just klicking on screen between tons of windows and work sheets.

Let’s open the real windows to new perspectives of life.
See you soon on Ponderosa! Yieeeeeha!


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